I think that it is time to impose a ban on our network against reblogging people who use Instagram to make and tag posts.
The reason? #Because #it #is #really #annoying #and #looks #like #shit
Care about your fucking readers and your work or don’t bother. I’m sorry but “It’s easy and that’s the only way you can tag things” is not a valid answer. Instagram is the auto-play music of 2012.

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  1. pip-23 said: Wow, two closed systems don’t mesh well together. Shock! Instagram complaints are legit. But Tumblr could take those #’s and make them tumblr tags very easily, but won’t. It takes 2 to tango.
  2. thefrogman said: What if boobs?
  3. mooshoo said: I totally disagree. If you’re on a smart phone (especially an iphone) Tumblr’s app is abysmal. It’s slow. It double posts. Mostly it doesn’t post at all. It’s a nightmare. Posting things to Tumblr through Instagram is way more effective.
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