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  1. thechief0 answered: Yes
  2. gravyholocaustsucks answered: When my account got zapped I lost my Japanese and BP black dashboard thanks for rubbing it in jerk
  3. pip-23 answered: My safe dash line is all weird looking. Lots of locks!
  4. insanelygaming answered: hahahahah
  5. judgementscythe said: I’ve been getting just blue background every other refresh. things are going really wonky in many different ways it seems
  6. demiadejuyigbe said: embarrassing gaffe from the tumblr camp. more like fumblr. because they’re fumblin’
  7. no-named-hero answered: Nope, all english here. Chrome browser, OSX 10.8.2
  8. seanblr answered: Totally am
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