Whoever contacted Tumblr’s legal department to have Lisa Congdon’s artwork, which generated a lot of traffic to her site and her store removed, please note: I have permission from Lisa directly to have her work posted here.

Another option in the future, if you think someone is not getting the credit they deserve on this site - might be to contact me directly. Nicely.

Let’s, for 2013, if you are not from the Internet Police - stop acting like you are.

Thanks, again.

Note from Guillher: is so hard give credit correctly?

Note from Ron: Im wondering the same thing. It seems wrong to get lippy about giving credit when you are a site that almost never gives credit. I don’t understand how complaining about art being taken down that you didn’t credit makes any sense. It’s 2013, you do not own other peoples work - Stop acting like you do. Not listing the artist does little if nothing to help them. It only takes an extra minute and it is the right thing to do. The artist will appreciate it and so will your audience. Also, EVEN IF you do credit an artist, they still control their work and can have it taken down. That is how the law was set up to protect artists. 

PS: I’m sure you are curious, CREDIT means to list the creator. NOT link to some random blog where you found something. 

Bonus: A random person cannot have content removed via copyright complaint. Only the owner or rights holder can. In other words, the artist you claimed to have consent from was likely involved in this contents removal. 

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