I can’t think of a time that an update on Tumblr made things easier. I understand that there is a learning curve to updates and things take time to adjust to. What I don’t understand is how something can be implemented without user data or proper feedback.

I make 20-50 posts per day using Tumblr. The new update made what I do more difficult in most ways (even if only slightly). Added clicks and pop-out boxes that can’t remember my history (like retyping tags - which also doesn’t support drag and drop) Sourcing became slightly more difficult which makes it less likely that people will source items. I know it’s just a click in another place, but it’s a click that wasn’t needed to source yesterday when things worked fine. Every Tumblr update might make things more efficient on Tumblrs end and that is fine. I just don’t understand why they rarely if ever seem to benefit the users. 

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  1. retronator said: You prompted me to get out of bed and see how this looks like. Thanks for the wakeup call (literal).
  2. mirza said: I do think the new update is great for the majority of users. It sucks for power users though. With that said, if I was really concerned about content, I’d never host a site on tumblr.
  3. grimlypadfootedd said: Then if you complain, everyone’s like, “it’s a free service, stop complaining!!”
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    You mean tumblr isn’t perfect? I miss Steve Jobs or something…
  8. cipater said: I haven’t had too many problems but I use missing e and tumblr savior in Chrome and I don’t post anywhere near as much as you!
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