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  1. nebachanezar said: #goodwebdesign
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    Me too.
  3. cipater said: you know tumblr only counts the first five tags right? i use extra but they’re just for personal use. Also what browser is that because it renders fine in Chrome?
  4. thefrogman said: Yeah. You have to use the little corner expandy thingie and make the box bigger. Which it should do on its own as you type, but whatever. *punches self in face*
  5. pip-23 said: I get the overlay thing, but why must it be the only way to post on tumblr anymore? I think it’s so it doesn’t work on mobile devices and people have to use their dumb app. (the app is even worse!)
  6. gravyholocaustsucks said: Don’t forget, years of work went into this update.
  7. quanji said: It’s Louis C.K.’s masterpiece!
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