Concerning the PS4…

I made this comment earlier even though it is slightly more complex, but I will share it here. 

Imagine that Apple had a big press conference on a new iphone. They announce a new phone is coming but don’t tell you the price, only share a very limited amount of details about the specs of the device, don’t show you what it’s going to look like, and then spend two hours showing you apps that will work on it that other companies have been working on. 

That was the PS4 press conference. It is a little confusing. I personally know… well… 2 things that I didn’t know for sure before it. That it has an 8-core cpu which is a X86 style cpu and that it uses a dual camera system with the controller. 

It seems pretty clear that Sony wanted to get a head start in making it clear that they learned on the mistakes of how difficult the cell processor was to develop a games for. They used the word “simple” an awful lot and went to pretty big lengths to avoid the jokes that plagued the PS3 early on (The PS3 doesn’t have games). It’s also clear that they wanted to take the first shot at Microsoft’s upcoming dual camera system for the Kinect. Other than that, I’m not really sure what else they accomplished. It was a very “E3” style press conference which wasn’t at E3. I hope time will tell what this mind-set was for doing this. Right now it feels like a lot of money spent for a preemptive PR campaign considering GDC is right around the corner. 

PS: I know it’s a different animal, but I think it doesn’t sit well with consumers when Sony (who has almost always done this) spends so much time showcasing how their gaming console can work exclusively with other Sony products (Tablets, TV’s, etc.) While those things look cool, as a consumer, I do not plan on buying a PS4 and then having to buy a Vita, a Sony Tablet, a Sony TV and multiple Move controllers to take advantage of that stuff. I understand why a company like Sony would do that, the problem is, that isn’t how the real world, or better yet, my personal world as a gamer works. Show me it will work with my iPod or my non-Sony tablet and maybe I will start to see those options as a little more practical. Brand fidelity no longer works in the way Sony is attempting to portray it. They should stop being afraid to openly be friendly towards the rest of the electronics world. 

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  4. holyg0d said: Sony is garbage. At my job, most issues customers have with their devices are always are using a Sony device. We’re even doing research about errors on on the PS3 and offering a year subscription to those who participate. Lol
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