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I totally disagree. If you’re on a smart phone (especially an iphone) Tumblr’s app is abysmal. It’s slow. It double posts. Mostly it doesn’t post at all. It’s a nightmare. Posting things to Tumblr through Instagram is way more effective.

Note from Ron: I do not disagree that one app might be better than another. I also don’t care. That isn’t my point. Shitty lazing posting is still shit. It is as wrong to blame the app you use as it would be to blame the browser you use. 

If you build up an audience, I really do believe that you have an obligation to them. While seeing a # every word might not overly annoy everyone, I can promise you there there is no person on Earth that enjoys it. It is at best a neutral experience for users and at worst a negative experience. Instagram has been shit from day 1. Any app that forces users to have a link to that app itself (not to the users account) as well as forces users to say what app they used to make the post is garbage. Mobile users have become oblivious to this. 

(Posted via:Google Chrome) <see I live on Earth in 2012 where this is annoying and useless.